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Can I Quilt or Embroider for You!


Below are different style baby quilts.  Some have embroidery incorporated with the quilting.  If you find one you like, tell me the colors you like and off we go!



This was made for special little girl. This has the Large Square

Then the rest of the square was made.  size 56 x 56

These just happen to be made for little girls, all can be adapted for little boys.

You pick the theme, colors and I can come up with the rest.  These type of quilts

can also be adapted for older children with older themes.




This is the designs, I have hundreds of children designs for all ages.



This Quilt was made for a special little girl Chandler. This is combining Embroidery and Quilting.  I call this My Little Angel.

size 56 x 56 This has three borders, plain color, ruffle, and squiggles.  So So Cute.










I call this Jessie's Quilt.  (she is one of my Granddaughters)

Big Block Square, on Point.  A Fun quilt to make can have many

different colors, I made the little one so she could play on the floor

with appliqué added.    This can be used for Memory Quilt  also.










This is called Jigsaw Puzzle. I donated this to the Joshua School

 in Denver Colorado in my Grandson Jack's name. 

To help someday find the cause of Autism "The Puzzle of Life"

 Meet Jackson,        Jack is my special little man.  41/2 yrs old and the sweetest and most beautiful boy in the world.  He is non verbal,  our wish some day soon is for Jack to talk to us......say Hi to us.......Their is one smart little guy in their and we want him out. Any chance you get to donate to Autism Society, whether it be time, money or gift for raffels, please do we really

need to find the answer to this puzzle......

                          Thank you from Jack.   cause "Jack is the Man"


The back on the quilts are up to you on how you would like them finished.







This is called Lasagna   This was actually made for Jackson for his 1st birthday

This is one that can be made for anyone.   Can be really colorful, and can be made for

all ages.   






This is my grandsons quilt.  The overalls and beanie hat

 are appliquéd onto a background.  I am currently working

 on one for a little girl, absolutely adorable.  

 Of course you choose the colors.










This was made for my granddaughter.  The little

girl version of the one above. 









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