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Can I Quilt or Embroider for You!

Memory Quilts


This is an awesome gift.  Whether for a Wedding, Baby, Birthday or family memory.....This is a wall hanging, but can be quilts.  Show your family from grandparents to great great grandchildren. 

Or do you or a special someone have a pet that is their kid.......that works.






Table Runners,Quilted

Christmas Season is here and so are the table runners to look great on any table.






These are made by me by machine, then quilted.



I have sources to purchase different size table runners

They are made of Cotton Crochet with cotton center,  single   double or triple circles to embroider in.  I also purchase

Hemstitch Linen Table Runners


This is an Oval Table Runner, crochet cotton edges, and cotton center. This can have as much or as little embroidery

you choose.  I have hundreds of designs you can pick from.







                                    This is the three embroidery table runner.             


This is a twisted star square  table runner


This one is made up of two 12" squares with one border, the backing is the same as the star flowered fabric.


This can be made with as many squares as your table is long,  also can be used in a quilt.




This is a table runner quilted, using a focus fabric, in center and 4 other pieces, with fabric that compliments the focus.  This is rectangular for long tables, and can be made square for a round table or shorter table.  This can also be made to fit bedroom bureau's


       This was made for a gift the center a

thanksgiving barrel and their Cat Hooper  and Dog Jamie.  

   Placemat   four different designs, can be a wall hanging. all Item can have any type of design you would like.

                             Table Ru

nners that are Linen Hemstitch  16x54


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