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Can I Quilt or Embroider for You!

Quilts are that special something that everyone would love to have, but don't know how to make or where to start.  If sewing isn't what you do, but you have idea's of what you would like, you design with my help, pick out your colors and off we can go.....

Quilts are something that everyone loves to snuggle up with or save for a heirloom.   Either way I love color and designs.  Give me an idea.........see where we go.......


Log Cabin Design.   This was done with an oriental

touch. This was my daughters Bridal Shower Gift.

This is lap size.   56" x 56"  (sold)





This This quilt was made by using a paper piecing method

 Eight different pieces go to each block.

 I made this for a queen size bed in my camper, lighthouse theme.


This is called Apple Core.  I made this for Tina, my German Exchange Student.

She was always eating an apple, so what better to sew for her. 








This is called not your Grandmothers Tumbling Blocks

Very colorful, but a very difficult one to make.







This is called a "A pointed trip around the word"

This was made for a twin bed.  A great gift for a little girl.   








This is called "Texas Star" (Unfinished) beautiful, beautiful quilt.

The trim on the is a darker green, and the backing is the pink floral.

Queen/King Size and is for sale. 








This is a King size quilt,  This is not available, again just shows another quilt.   This is made up of a lot of different named square.  It shows that you can make a quilt out of many different squares not just one.










Check out the Color.   This is "Winding Way's"

I you really look at it you will see circles with in circles.

This done in bright colors for one reason, Bright is Great.


this is full size, can be made in lap, twin, full and Queen.


This is just a patch work quilt.  I love color.  I love to put all sorts of stuff together, it brightens up a room.  I called this Paris Cafe   the print is a cafe print.    Just a fun type of quilt for fun.











Imagine, going to a class of quilters, and everyone giving you 30 squares, 10 lights 10 med and 10 dark usually what they didn't like and wanted to get rid of.  and surprise it ended up being an awesome quilt.   A lot of these fabrics were scraps left over from quilts of past.  So my feeling this finished quilt needed to go to my best friend of 40+years.  She loved it.


The Pinwheel Quilt can be made in lap, twin, full and queen.









This quilt I called Toasty Polls

This is a great gift for a wedding gift,

or even for Kids, colors make this as

different as night and








This is Trip around the World.

Blends colors so nice. Can be done with 3 or 6 colors. Your imagination is your world.